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1953 Born in Seoul, South Korea. He specializes in Korean typography design, identity design and non-commercial images. He finished his diploma graduated with honors in 1978 under professor Myung-kwang Kwon. In the same year he has begun his didactic work. In 1981-1984 he taught students at Seoul institute of Arts as a full time lecturer. He moved to Konkuk University from 1985-2019, where he taught many students as a designer and a professor, 2019 retired and is currently an emeritus professor.
In 1991 and 2003 he got his sabbatical year at Syracuse University and Boston University as visiting scholars. Since 1978 he has been teaching graphic design and giving lectures on design concept. 1994-1996 and 2009-2011 he has served as the dean at the College of Art & Design, Konkuk University. And He has published many papers, including A study on Graphic Design in the cognition and significance of culture and society (The Korea Society of Illustration Research). His professional interests include not only typography but also contemporary painting, graphics and art medias. In 2017 he received Gold Minister Prize of the Korea Design Exhibition Awards,
2004 he received the President Prize of Education-Konkuk University.

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