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Was born in Ankara in 1983. Graphic Designer and Educator.

Graduated from the Graphic Design department at the Art and Design Faculty of Gazi University in 2004. At the same year, started master’s degree at the Education Institute of Gazi University Art Education Department in Ankara. During this study worked in TED Ankara College as an Art director and Visual Art teacher. Besides he worked at one of the leading graphic design agencies, Rekmay, and Grafikevi as an Art Director/Designer. Finished Art education in PhD programme in 2019 in Gazi University Combined Arts Department in Art and Design Faculty with thesis about Motion Graphics and Cinema.

Lecturer at Graphic Design Department at the Fine Art Faculty in Erciyes University since 2008. Has participated in plenty of exhibitions from Turkey and abroad, although has 2 individual exhibitions and various awards from logo and poster works. He has one international gold award from United Nations and countless graphic design prizes from Turkey

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