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Born in Turkey in 1992. Graphic designer and academician. Currently, he is teaching printmaking, calligraphy, and perspective. For almost ten years he has been working with brands too. Since high school, he is studying art. He’s studying Ph.D. at Hacettepe University. The subject he plans to specialize in is augmented reality and graphic design. He is the project manager of Bolu International Poster Design events. He is also a member of China Europe International Design Culture, RINC Red International De Credores Visuales and CIDEA International Design Educator. He has been participating in international poster design competitions for a while. He participated in exhibitions in Germany, Italy, India, Republic of China, Poland, America, France, and Slovakia. In 2020, he won 23 exhibitions, 2 first place and 1-second place in a total of 26 design competitions.