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Born in Denmark in 1975. Graphic Designer and Educator. Works and teaches in a field in the intersection between language, culture and space. For several years she has been working with product development, branding and consulting for companies and organisations. She works on and researches design development projects and has her own design studio doing print and digital design. She is a owner of a letterpress workshop. Vice Chairman at the Danish Association for Book Crafting. Member of C-IDEA, China. Appointed External Examiner at The higher artistic educational programmes by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Juror at the 14th BICM, International Poster Biennial Mexico. Cyprus Poster Triennial. Graphis Talent Award. Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of. International Poster Biennale Lublin. India’s Best Design Award, BICeBé International Poster Biennial Bolivia 2020. COFOD excelence Award winner. Graphis Silver, Gold and Platin Award. China International Poster Biennial Silver Award. She has been exhibiting, giving lectures & workshops internationally in Chile, South Korea, Mexico, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Thailand, Gambia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech republic, US & China.

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