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Born in 1987, Victor Kovalenko is a digital artist and graphic designer from Russia (Moscow region). Since 2007 he has been working on projects that involved editorial and poster design, books/catalogues design, typography, illustration, photography and portrait graphics. He is a finalist, participant and invited designer in more than 90 international and national art/design exhibitions. His works were presented in multiple exhibitions in 24 countries. Member of the main jury in Taiwan design exhibition, 2020. Awards: Excellence Award, KICD (South Korea, 2020); Honorable mention, 11th Virtual Biennale Prague (The Czech Republic, 2020); Top25 Best popularity award, World Pattern Design (China, 2020); Gold, Posterists in the World (Peru, 2019) and Bronze, 2nd PosterFest Budapest (Hungary, 2018). In 2015 he completed his BA in Graphic Design at Moscow Art Industrial Institute in Russia. In 2016 he successfully completed his MA in Graphic Design in England at Middlesex University London with distinction. For the next two years he had been working as a graphic designer in one of the top educational companies in Moscow. Since 2019 he had been studying in Germany. In 2020 he returned to Russia where he continues working on art/design exhibitions and creating digital artworks.

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